Adversity, Storms and The Silver Lining

I have a secret to tell you. LIFE IS HARD!

Life is the most difficult thing you will ever attempt to do. No matter who you are, how much money you have or what position you hold- you are going to have adversity.  These adversities can come in many different forms. If your life has been anything like mine, you will be able to understand exactly what I mean when I say that my adversities can be likened to storms.

Some storms you can see off in the distance, which gives you enough time to prepare for it. While other storms just seem to come from out of nowhere- catching you by surprise and leaving you soaking wet and with out a change of clothes. There are even storms that are so strong, that their aftermaths can be outright devastating. With lasting effects that remain visible well after the storm has passed.

Just like storms, many of us have grown so accustom to the possible discomforts of adversity that we fail to relive that storms and adversities are caused for a reason and  have greater potential benefit than the discomfort it initially causes.

In the natural, storms are formed when hot air begins to “rise up” from the earth’s surface. As the air ascends it begins to condense causing it to release energy. This energy causes thunderstorms to be produced. Once the air reaches a certain point in the atmosphere it transforms into condensation inside of clouds. The condensation is then released in the form of ice and rain and then falls back down to surface.  This ongoing process, allows for life to be maintained and produced on earth.

In the physical, we fail to realize that our adversities or storms are essential to the growing process for ourselves, workplaces, communities and ultimately the world in which we live. How many times in your life have you started to head in the right direction for your life and all of a sudden found yourself in what seemed to be a torrential down pour? If you are anything like me, to many times to count. When we are met with adversity in life we immediately choose either fight of flight. Through maturity I haved learned that a smart response to a storms is using sight to recognize the process that is happening in and  around me.

When we are going through a process of ” leveling up,” we have to understand the natural laws of doing so. When the hot air begins to rise it also begins to change its state of being. The upward movement starts on the molecular level. As the air rises the molecules in the air move from potential energy into kinetic energy. The molecules begin to move at  fast pace, as it rises, the  molecules begin to bounce off of each other in such a rapid succession that energy is produced. This energy causes a reaction that makes it evident that change is coming, by producing lightning. Therefore, when we begin the process of ascending to our purpose or objectives, our actions are meet with friction in order to produce the energy needed to recognize that a change of state is on it way. The universe does this to test our fortitude and to ensure that we are dedicated to the process of real and true change.

Once a certain height is achieved, the now hot air begins to cool back down starting the process of condensation. Condensation occurs when molecules of gas slow down and come together which form liquid. The liquid is then formed into droplets of rain or ice. The change of state from air to liquid has now added volume and mass which results in precipitation. When dealing with the storms of adversity, it is imperative to understand that the friction caused when ascending will not last forever. And when we work our way through the issue(s) of our storm, we will be granted a period of time for rest and reflection. During the R and R period, our thought, actions, decision making and outlooks should now begin to draw together and become untied and focused toward our purpose or objective(s). Preparing us to pour out into the world the result of making it through the process.  In the natural this process produces what we call rain, but reign is produced when you make it through adversity.

And if done the right way, our reign will mix with the light and create a beautiful “Reignbow,” made for the world to see!


Take ways, for you consider and comment on this:

  1. The moment you make a conscious decision to ascend toward purpose or an objective, a storm/adversity starts to brew. How can you prepare yourself
  2.  Motion will result in some type pf resistance, what are some ways that you proactively prepare for adversity?
  3. A normal response to adversity is hypervigilance, what are some ways that you manage hypervigilance, in order to maintain focus on your goals?
  4. Adversities are meant to bring out something, explain a time when you overcame adversity and became better as a result.
  5. How do you take adversity and promote positive change in your world?

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