Commitment….The Cost of Success

From the ages of 11 to 16, my three objectives in life were to be able to dunk like Shaquile O’Neal, make the UNC Tarheels basketball recruitment list and keep a pretty girlfriend. My uncle Randy was a great all round athlete. He played in the NFL in his younger years and was a good enough basketball player to be considered a playground legend. when it came to basketball everyone called him “Silk.,” because his shot was so smooth. So  one day I asked him to tell me what I needed to do in order to dunk like Shaq and make UNC’s recruiting list. I vividly remember him giving me a chuckle and telling me ” You gotta work and STAY committed.”

During this time I was always one of the biggest guys in school. So naturally I believed that one day nature would take its course and i would be jumping out of the gym. But,  athletically I was pretty much trash. I had played only a few seasons of organized sports and hated the idea of practice. Well correction I hate the idea of running. Which was odd since my mother was a track star in her pre me days. Therefore, I developed a regiment of what I thought was the best things for me to do in order to make that list and break down backboards like Shaq.  One hundred calf raises before I went to bed every night, alternating leg jumps over a single brick for five minutes straight and ten reps of 20 on the leaper machine at the gym or after practice. This was my regiment for almost three years. I actually thought this was all I needed to do to reach my objectives.

Needless to say, I never made the UNC Tarheels recruitment list and til this day I have yet to dunk a basketball like Shaq on a regulation goal. As an adult I often think about that time in my life and give myself the same chuckle my uncle gave when I asked him about what I needed to do in order to accomplish my goals. At the age of 35 I know exactly why I only met one of my three objectives during my wonder years. The answer is simply a lack of commitment.

Commitment is one of those words that simply because of the velocity in which the word is heard, used and phrased- most people automatically assume that they know what the word means. Without using google or a dictionary , write out and comment  what you think commitment means.

Commitment is defined as :

  1. The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause,activity, etc.
  2. A pledge or undertaking.
  3. an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.

(Comment and let me know what you wrote out as your definition

To be fully committed to something means that an individual must gain a full understanding of an undertaking, while aligning their actions based on the information they seek or are exposed to about their undertaking, then restricting any action(s) that might circumvent the process of operating within the parameters of that undertaking.

When you are truly committed to any undertaking, there are things that you have to adopt into your lifestyle and their are things that you have to allow to be fully eradicated  from your being in order to reach high levels of success within that undertaking. During that time in my life, I didn’t want to adopt the discipline level needed to push myself physically. I wanted to stay inside of my comfort zone.

Commitment also requires intimacy. Many people confuse intimacy with the physical actions of love, but intimacy in its purest form is defined as detailed knowledge or deep understanding of a thing that is developed by presence, time spent, observation, and willingness to change or compromise areas of opportunity. I operated only from my own point of reference. This is a killer of intimacy. We can not excel in areas in our lives based on the information we currently have or believe to exist. Intimacy and commitment require accountability, wise council and proactive ways of thinking.

As a man I can see how I failed myself as a youth. This is why everyday I put forth conscious efforts to fully commit my action to the undertakings that I believe to be apart of both my earthly purposes and my “Kingdom Purpose.” I strive to be the best in everything that I am apart of. Instead of breaking down backboards, I know strive to break down the barriers that keep individuals and groups from accomplishing their goals. And the only list I’m concerned about making is the Forbes.

This week in you journals, answer these questions:

  1. List three things in you life that you are fully committed to?
  2. For each are of commitment, write out your process of operations with each.
  3. Evaluate and write out in detail, the level of intimacy you have for each area of commitment.


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