Hacking Culture: The New Marketing Era






I have a confession- I hate attention! Yeah I said it. I HATE ATTENTION! Which is a conundrum for me, because how do you build your brand in this social media era and hate attention. The answer is clear, you cannot build a relevant cultural brand and not  be willing to build a spot light that will be aimed right at you and your brand.

For the past year I have been on a mission to dig up the root to my unwillingness to receive the attention needed to birth my brand on a wide scale. And I dug up what I believe to be the source of my hang up. I am a 80’s baby. And I was raised to respect privacy. I can remember as a child being told constantly “what happens in this house, stays in this house.”  Biggie was a formative figure to me in my younger years and him and my father had a motto that always stuck with me, “Badboys move in silence and violence.” Matthew 6:3 states “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.…” due to my ignorance of scripture I subconsciously developed  the mindset that a key to a rewarding life was moving under the radar and not letting everyone know what I do and how I do it. Also, like many other 80’s babies, I was immersed in the gangster cultures. This caused me to adopt the creed of “never be to flashy.”

Today in this social media era, content yields success. How crazy is that? The framework of success is now one part strategy, one part hustle and two part content. Success and “Hacking the culture,” now goes hand in hand. I have had to accept the fact that in my attempts to do what I was taught was right, has driven a wedge between me and the culture of today. I am a relic. I am a cd in a streaming society. But yet and still, in 2018 I am determined to win.

I am sure that I am not the only person that operates in this manner, therefore I developed a 10 step guide to Hacking the Culture.

  1. Content, Content, Content!

In order to build your brand, you have to get your followers up! Content includes pictures, blog post, videos, podcast, surveys, testimonials, reviews, just about anything you can post that can potentially catch the eye of a possible  client or buyer. Start off with setting a goal of posting at least 50 posts a week. That’s 7.14 post a day. Form the habit of posting at least one post to each of your social media platforms every other hour.

2. All Eyez on You

When you have a brand that you are building, people want to see the face of that brand and guess what, the face they want to see is yours. Because of social media and our reality tv culture, people have developed the need to connect with brand through perceived individual virtual contact. They want to see your picture, they want to see your story on IG, they want to view your videos on youtube, they want to re-tweet you quotes on tweeter, they want to like your page on facebook. But how can they if there is no content for them to do so.

3. Build It and They Will Come

Social media platforms are essential to the development and growth of a brand. Usually individuals and organizations  have leveraged social media platforms in order to promote and market their products, brands, services and lifestyles. But now you can actually use you social media platforms to actually generate cold hard cash. Connecting with the culture is not enough you have to put your brand in a position to monetize your social media platforms. Whether its embedding a link that transfers straight to your website or budgeting ad campaigns for IG and FB to gain brand exposure and use those digital footprints as financial vehicles to build actual residual income from your brand.

4. Don’t be afraid to pay for exposure

When I decided to jump head first into life coaching and building the Coach Kel brand, I did what most people do and I went a built a website hoping I would reach the masses and sign up a bunch of client, grow my brand and make a few dollars in the process. Everyday I would check my Google Analytics and would only see three or four page views and out of those two were me. Everyday turned into weekly and weekly turned into monthly- and every time I would check my user data, I would yield the same results. I could not understand it. My website was nice. It had bells and whistles and the content was a lot better than the other coaching websites I had either studied or had come across. During this entire time, every time I would log into both my godaddy.com and Google analytic accounts, I would pay no attention what so ever to the pop up alert “FREE ADWORD CREDITS.” After three months of sub par performance on my website, I figured what else could I lose and set up the google adwords and used my free credits. 48 hours later I received a call and the caller said ” Yes, I’m looking for Coach Kel, I wanted to setup a free consultation for some possible coaching.”  From that point I decided to invest in my dream and developed a whopping $50 monthly budget for marketing on social media which netted me about $800 each month.

5. Go to school

The best thing I have done for the Coach Kel brand was understanding that I knew nothing about building a brand. Therefore, I invested into my brand by spending the time, effort and cash getting training on how to develop a social media based coaching platform aimed at reaching any and everyone looking to improve their place in life. To date, I have completed three social media courses, earned a life coaching certification and graduate with a bachelors degree in Christian Psychology from Manifest Theological Institute. This has allowed me to increase my knowledge base, which has provided me with the tools to increase my efficiency and impact positive change in the world in which I exist.



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