Live or Exist……. You choose

Life is the name given to the process of refinement, that can produce a truly unique one of one product that has a purpose so profound and authentic that its beauty can never be replicated. This unmatched potential is found in each of us. But this process called life also has another side to it, which is powered by fear, unbelief and insecurity that can produce a life null of form and filled with dysfunction. Therefore this process can either produce a life of living or merely existing.

Are you living or existing?
If you are living, what type of life do you live?

I had to ask myself these questions and give an honest answer. In the past I did both and the type of life I lived was a life predicated by fear.

Many of us have developed the habit of just drifting through life aimlessly. Allowing situations, emotions and constraints to dictate where we are, who we are, how we are and most importantly- who and where we plan to be. This way of existing produce an anti-purpose lifestyle. Which usually causes the individual to operate from a fear perspective and consciouness. This area of operations produces anxiety, failure and something I call “ascension paralysis.”
(Ascension Paralysis- The inability of an individual to comply with their natural design of progression in and through life.)

I mastered this way of living. And made it look good at the same time. People had no idea of the inner turmoil I was going through. One of the worst feelings in world, is adopting the mindset that you are not where you thought you should or would be in life. After operating in this place of constant confusion for a few years, I knew that I had to make a transition from simply existing to actually living!

The first and hardest step I had to will myself to take- was accepting that my position in life was a result of purpose through process and no one was to blame for it, other than me. I had to accept that their was a reason why I had failed, why I had been hurt, why I didn’t have everything I felt I needed or wanted and why I hadn’t become the person I always thought I would be.

In order to initiate true holistic positive change we must allow ourselves to become introspective. One of my favorite albums of all time is T.I’s second album “Trap Muzik,” where he has a song entitled “T.I. vs T.I.P.” I would listen to this lyrical motion picture, on repeat for hours. He ends the song with “How many people real enough to stand to give them-self a straightnin!”

Taking time to reflect on who you are versus who you wish to be, is an imperative part of growth. How can you change, when you don’t know what needs to be changed. How can you seize opportunities if you can’t recognize the areas in which your opportunities lie.

This week get your journal and answer the following questions:

1. What does living look like to you?
2. What do you fear?
3. What are three things you know you need to change, to make yourself better?
4. What do you see when you are in the mirror?
5. What do you believe in?

I look forward to seeing your comments!

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