Thank you Kanye……… From all the mountain climbers.

Like just about everyone I have seen the Kanye West and Charlamagne interview and I believe we have just witnessed not only the interview of the decade, but we have witnessed the product of surviving as black man in this world. This is an interview of a generation. It takes the pulse of one of the founding fathers of the  Millennial generation. It is raw, uncompromising, disruptive, emotional and thought provoking. Honestly, there is to much to cover from this interview in one sitting so for this post I we will look at what I believe to be one of the realest things covered in this interview.

When Kanye told the story about wanting to reach the tools for success at the top of a mountain, he let me know that he is not crazy, he is not strange and his genius is unparalleled.Most people at some point in their lives begin to architect their mantel of success. We develop what it looks like, what it takes to get their, the rewards that go  along with what success will bring, and what we believe is needed to reach said success.   Many of us are currently struggling to rich that top of the mountain of success. Kanye stated the truth when he said  that we start this climb with absolutely no tools at all.  As we begin to ascend toward success we begin to accumulate  the tools needed to continue our ascent. And by the time we reach the top of the mountain of success we realize that the tools we have accumulated during our climb outnumber and are of better quality than the tools that are waiting for us at the top of the mountain of success .

I believe that this analogy sums up how we as individuals have decide to live our lives day in and day out. We are constantly climbing to reach a destination on  map that was totally made up, in our heads, by us. Therefore success is not the destination, but rather the state of being while ascending and forging through the process of reaching success. Simplistically, I believes Kanye believes that our society has become immersed with valuing the destination instead of valuing the process. Is it insane to believe that an individuals life has no value unless they have reached a certain level self actualization. How frustrated have you become with going through your process and others not recognizing why you move the way you move, act the way you act, accept what you accept and stand for what you stand for? Now out yourself in the OG deadstock one of one prototypes yeezys and think about what you would consider the Kanye experience.

Well that’s what i’ll right about tomorrow.

But comment your answers to the question below, for a chance to be apart of a podcast on the question and other current events.

What does the farmer value more the fruit or the seed?


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